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The Economy of Fairness, Reciprocity and Altruism, provided by Fehr/Schmidt, Munich/Zurich, 2005

Ernst Fehr from the University of Zurich and Klaus M. Schmidt from the University of Munich in 2005 published a Research Paper worth to be read by every student. The title:The Economy of Fairness, Reziprocism and Altruism. Experimental Evidence and New Theories. I just will quote one remarkable sentence from page 4:
“However, still most economists routinely assume that material self-interest is the sole motivation of all people.”

You can find the PDF here: Fehr-Schmidt Handbook (2005-Munichecon)

Where is the Wealth of Nations?, provided by the World Bank 2006

Excellent research in the right direction but with the old conclusions:
"Growth is essential if development countries are to meet the Millenium
 Development Goals by 2015." (Johns/Bourguignon) -
Download PDF (1.119KB)

Capitalism 3.0, A guide to Reclaiming the Commons, provided by Peter Barnes, 2006

Peter Barnes, Entrepreneur from California is engaged to refurbish the commons.
His clever title yet helped him to get attention from Harvard University. - Download PDF (701KB)

In the Shade of the Commons, provided by the Waag Society, Amsterdam 2006

Toward a Culture of Open Networks
provided by the Waag Society, Amsterdam 2006 - Download PDF (6.43MB)

The unconditional basic income – provided by the Institute of Entrepreneurship, Karlsruhe 2007

from an industrial to a culture-based society – G. W. Werner/L.P. Häussner - Download PDF (20KB)

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